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113 Owen Ridge Drive

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About Mavera

From the moment you arrive at Mavera, you will discover a vibrant community with brand new homes and all the amenities you need right in your own backyard. Featuring new construction homes, life-tested and designed for modern living, Mavera is a perfect place to begin your family adventures.

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15835 Hollow Trl

From $319,610
1,904 sq. ft.
3 Br.
2 Ba.

15913 Hayes Market Loop

From $359,999
2,195 sq. ft.
3 Br.
2 Ba.

15738 Rosemary Ln

From $393,681
3,052 sq. ft.
4 Br.
2 Ba.

15742 Rosemary Ln

From $397,690
2,623 sq. ft.
4 Br.
4 Ba.

15823 Hollow Trl

From $404,980
2,787 sq. ft.
5 Br.
4 Ba.

15865 Hayes Market Loop

From $409,400
2,887 sq. ft.
4 Br.
4 Ba.

15727 Rosemary Ln

From $435,600
2,772 sq. ft.
4 Br.
4 Ba.


From $300,990
1,674 sq. ft.
3 Br.
2 Ba.


From $306,990
1,823 sq. ft.
3 Br.
2 Ba.

Fox Hollow

From $308,990
1,904 sq. ft.
3 Br.
2 Ba.


From $317,990
2,028 sq. ft.
4 Br.
3 Ba.


From $334,990
2,318 sq. ft.
4 Br.
3 Ba.


From $344,990
2,437 sq. ft.
4 Br.
3 Ba.


From $374,990
2,772 sq. ft.
4 Br.
3 Ba.


From $380,990
2,887 sq. ft.
4 Br.
3 Ba.


From $384,990
3,018 sq. ft.
4 Br.
4 Ba.


From $386,110
2,392 sq. ft.
4 Br.
3 Ba.


From $390,990
3,105 sq. ft.
4 Br.
3 Ba.
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